LAHORE – A seminar in connection with World Heritage Day was held at Government College Township, Lahore on Thursday.

Speakers including Punjab University Institute of Mass Communication director Dr. Ahsan Akhtar Naz, Farah Khalid and Professor Badr-uz-Zaman addressed the seminar.

Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Butt, the Principal Govt. College Township, while sharing his views said that the country had been an abode of Gandhara, Indus Valley, Harrappa and Moenjodaro civilisation. Moreover, he said that the mountains, deserts, lakes and monuments in Takht Bai, Katas, Jehlum valley and Makli graveyard in Sindh, Punjab, KPK, Balochistan and Northern regions were the miracles of culture. Our government and people need to preserve, promote and protect the national heritage and make it a backbone for the country’s economic growth, he said.

Dr. Ahsan Akhtar Naz asked the intellectuals to investigate what our history informs us. He considered culture a traditional concept which was neither included in religion nor detached from it. He emphasised on the need to promote soft image which was systematically being destroyed by the anti-Islamic forces. He extended his hope in youth and teachers of the country and suggested to revive self confidence and realisation of culture.

Farah Khalid mentioned Lord Macaulay who had considered Indian nation unconquerable because they loved their culture. She recited her four poems which reflected on the truth being behind the scene.

Prof. Badr-uz-Zaman said, “Music is food for soul, therefore it places a significant role in culture.”

He emphatically related it to soil, and considered it an innate quality of man.