LAHORE – PML-N President Mian Nawaz Sharif Thursday said Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s statement on demilitarization of Siachen was similar to what he had stated earlier.Nawaz opined that on the basis of his past experiences in foreign affairs, he could say with confidence that once Pakistan took the initiative to pull back troops from Siachen, India would also replicate the same.He was talking to media persons at Raiwind after former PML-Q federal minister Tariq Azeem announced his decision to join the PML-N.During a recent visit to the Gayari Sector of Siachen where 138 people (mostly army personnel) are trapped in an avalanche, Nawaz had called for unilateral withdrawal of Pakistani troops from the disputed glacier, which is the highest battleground in the world where harsh cold is the worst enemy of the soldiers guarding the borders on both sides.Responding to various queries, Nawaz said the army chief did not say anything different from what he had said on pulling back forces from Siachen and added that both the countries would sit together and sort out the matter whenever the day came to make a decision.He said his past experiences suggested that India would not lag behind if Pakistan took a step towards demilitarisation of Siachen.To a question on the statement made by Interior Minister Rehman Malik on his stand on Siachen, Nawaz parried the answer but said the army chief’s statement vindicated him.With an obvious reference to Ziaul Haq, Nawaz recalled the past and said at one point of time, they also did not differ between dictatorship and democracy but Almighty Allah showed them the right path and they atoned and reformed themselves, adding that they were now committed not to repeat those acts.The PML-N chief was perturbed over Sindh, particularly situation prevailing in Karachi, and Balochistan and held the federal and provincial governments responsible for the mess. “Whether the president and the prime minister ever spared some time to take stock of the situation in those parts of the country and whether anyone held them answerable for the negligence,” he questioned.Despite clear instructions from the Supreme Court, no action was taken to ameliorate situation in Karachi and the practice of denying the SC orders and confronting the organ of the state had been maintained.On the law and order in Karachi, he said, “Where are the law enforcers who get hefty salaries from the national exchequer but are totally failed to discharge their duties. Why are they helpless and unable to nab the culprits and why not so far anyone has been taken to task?”Nawaz said not only the police and administration but also the government and politicians shared the responsibility for the situation. “They are defending each other,” he observed.To a question on Gilgit-Baltistan situation, Nawaz again lamented the ignorance of the president and the prime minister and said they never bothered to visit the restive areas to see for themselves what was going on and pass instructions to set the situation right. But they limited their actions to the mere reports from the officials concerned while they remained busy in the monkey business and protecting self-interests.He said his party was protesting inside and outside the Parliament over loadshedding, price hike and corruption, adding that the PML-N stood for the sovereignty of country, but the government was unmoved on all of these problems concerning the country and the people.