MULTAN - President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has said that the dictator and civilian rulers of the country are responsible for lawlessness, target killing and the fire of hatred currently blazing in Balochistan.

Addressing a news conference before leaving for Quetta here at Multan Airport on Thursday, Hashmi said that innocent Baloch people got engaged into extremist activities because of wrong policies of the rulers.

He said that the rulers with a particular mindset did not learn any lesson even from the debacle of East Pakistan. “Instead of putting out the fire burning in Balochistan, they are sprinkling petrol on it,” he added.

He said that packages after packages were being announced for Balochistan but no practical step was being taken to eliminate sense of deprivation from the province.

He strongly criticized clerics and said that their speeches were also a major source of hatred-spread in Balochistan.

He claimed that many senior politicians from Balochistan were willing to join PTI and the Quetta public meeting would prove a big breakthrough.

Referring to Siachin issue, he said that both Pakistan and India should resolve this issue through talks. “It’s the only way to prevent loss of precious human lives. It will also save both the countries heavy expenses they are currently making on this front,” he added.

Taking a U turn from his previous stance on Seraiki province, he said that if the province was to be made on the basis of language, it would be stretched up to Larkana.

He said that no one should do politics in the name of Seraiki province. Referring to the idea of Seraiki bank, he said that those tossing such proposals should keep forth the fate of Mehran and Punjab banks.