In certain public places in Punjab signboards and posters with the words ‘100 percent on merit’ emblazoned on them were apparently not enough to stop the rumours that the laptop scheme was tainted with financial misdemeanour and favouritism. The allegations had centred not only on the way this modern gadget was being distributed, but also of its procurement. The criticism has been answered effectively by the Transparency International’s report categorically stating that all such rumours are incorrect. TI is a non-partisan organisation whose reputation is above board.

Broadly speaking, it is a custom with our society and political groups in particular to pick holes with whatever good measures their opponents might take in service of the countrymen. It appears our political parties do not have the understanding that apart from constant mudslinging, appreciating their rivals on merit would in fact increase their credibility. The scheme has greatly helped the young position holders across the province to be able to own laptops, something that has become virtually impossible in these times of rampaging inflation. That the prospect of winning the laptop itself is enough to motivate the students to excel in their studies is another plus point. There is no reason why the provincial government’s initiative should not be encouraged.