BANGALORE - An Irish tourist en route from Bellary to Ernakulam had a bitter experience in the AC waiting room of the City railway station in Majestic. She was molested by a senior citizen when she was half asleep on a couch in the waiting room.
Railway Police on Thursday arrested R Kashinath, 61, reportedly an evangelist from Davanagere. He molested the tourist on the pretext of draping a blanket around her shoulders. The woman, 30, a psychiatrist, told police that Kashinath made two attempts to molest her. ‘I shooed him away when he offered me his blanket, as it was filthy. I was half asleep when he entered the AC waiting room the second time and molested me while draping the blanket around my shoulders and neck. He fled the room when I shouted,’ she told Railway Police.
The tourist had arrived from Bellary on the Hampi Express around 6.30am Thursday. ‘I had a reserved AC berth on the Ernakulam Express, which was to leave at 6.30pm on Thursday. I was feverish and decided to catch up on some sleep,’ she said. She paid Rs 150 and settled down on a leather couch in the AC waiting room. ‘I asked the caretaker, Raja Gopal, for a blanket and he said they didn’t have any. Suddenly, this man entered the room and offered his blanket. I refused because it was dirty and stinking,’ she told police.
Kashinath left the room but returned after 30 minutes. By this time, she had fallen asleep. ‘He came and draped the blanket around my shoulders and molested me at the same time. I screamed,’ the tourist said. When she began shouting for help, Kashinath rushed out of the room again, but other passengers alerted Railway Police.
‘We detained the accused near the main entrance and the tourist identified him immediately. He confessed and we arrested him,’ police said. Kashinath has a 35 year old son and his family resides in Davanagere, police said. ‘An evangelist, he visited the city often. We are checking his credentials,’ police added.