Saad Sultan Goraya


The breezy evening of April pleasantly welcomed the participants who eagerly waited for this Saturday so they could witness the collage of ultimate style makers showcased on one ramp.

Few eyebrows were raised when people heard about Expo Centre as a venue of PFDC, 2015. But it turned out to be a spot on choice by the organisers of the show. The huge international feel of Expo Centre created a refreshing build up for the audience even before the red carpet.

The show opener collection titled ‘Democrats Midsummer 2015’ by Fahad Hussayn was a perfect tribute to spring and PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. It was stylish, authoritative and refreshing to eyes. The collection featured four luxury lawn editions with exquisite textures, floral designs derived from the renaissance aesthetic and 16th century French garden layouts.

The tempo set by Fahad was progressively carried forward by the young kids on the block. Bank Alfalah gave them opportunity to express in front of jam packed house and the most prestigious platform in the business. It was so hopeful to see that in one of the most competitive markets, youth was immensely encouraged, both by the organizers and audience.

Asra Yaqoob suddenly created a Rajhistani atmosphere when hall started buzzing with ‘Rangeelo maro dholna’ and dressed in camel colour and funky colourful trousers model showcased contemporary fashion fused in tradition.  Emerging designer Hisham Malik made his debut at the ‘Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show’. The collection took its inspiration from the remarkable women that served as its muse. In particular, it drew references from the designer’s discussions with several accomplished professional women.

New talent Najia Qazi presented a women’s wear collection titled ‘Sar Bakaf’. The collection was inspired by the tale of the great saintly figure named Sarmad during the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb’s time period, depicted in the famous Pakistani artist Sadequain’s painting.

Nida Waqar showcased a collection titled ‘Creatures and Curious Minds’. The designer made her PSFW debut with a women’s wear collection that was inspired by the scientific illustrations of natural specimens, in the thesaurus ‘Cabinet of Natural Curiosities’ compiled by the Dutch pharmacist and collector Albertus Seba. In sum, the talent revealed by these youngster and their after collection showcasing confident walk on the ramp was one of the big highlight from a star studded night. The audience applauded and their praiseful eyes were a reward which youngsters will never forget. They made a perfect debut.

After that, it was turn of elegance. The delicate and sophisticated collection titled ‘Modern Mughal’ kept audience under aura of royalness. Meesha Lakhani was spot on with her ability to merge tradition with contemporary cuts and designs.

Zonia Anwaar marked her fourth showcase at PFDC with a collection titled ‘Zambezi.’  Inspired by Africa, Zonia Anwaar’s collection paid tribute to what she considers one of the finest creations of art, Kenyan masks, and its associated mysteries, traditions and rituals of African tribes. Natasha Kamal made her ramp debut with her collection, ‘Le Nouvel Esprit.’

Inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s. Nika and Nina presented their collection titled ‘Chambeli’. With a perfect background score they proved once again that why they are on top in the business of fashion.