Hong Kong

The Asylum documentary has won the best Director and the Best Documentary Feature Film Award of the year 2015 at Los Angeles Film and Script Festival, Pakistani director and producer Uzair Sipra revealed Sunday.

‘The officials also put the Asylum in the first place. The documentary carries a message for those who are considering seeking asylum in Hong Kong, to be very careful because the law does not allow asylum seekers to work and if caught working, they can be imprisoned for 15 months. There are many asylum seekers whose life is on hold for 15 years or more.’ said Uzair Sipra.

The Asylum is written by Uzair Sipra, Kashif Akhtar and Iftikhar Ahmed Usmani collectively. ‘It is very sensitive topic that many Pakistanis are trying to upgrade lifestyle by entering Hong Kong illegally. Their families never know how risky life style they lead, just to support their families back in Pakistan.’ said the Writer, Iftikhar Ahmed Usmani.  ‘The Asylum also covers a portion of Pakistani community leaders in Hong Kong who appear on camera and deliver their message to the audience. It is encouraging that our community leaders care about community problems.

The making of Asylum was not possible sans the generous support of Saeed Uddin, Farooq Saeed, Qamar Minhas and Chief Imam of Hong Kong Mufti Muhammad Arshad,’ said the producer of the Asylum Kashif Akhtar. ‘

‘The Asylum documentary would be screened at the Hollywood Complex Theatre. Moreover, the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival is one of the toughest festivals where thousands of submitters try to prove their arts and skills through their work, I personally believe that the jury has selected Asylum as Best Documentary Feature Film of the year 2015 because it carries a message to save lives’, said the USA media advisor Aniqa Saeed.