I was recently enlightened with the fact that there is only one glucometer at the emergency department of Lahore General Hospital. Lucky are those who find a bed, others are treated on the floor. Forget air-conditioning, four out of five fans need repairmen. And if you are just a visitor, you will surely find the importance of clean air.

My friend’s father was ill a month ago. We took him to the biggest private hospital in DHA at 2pm. We came back after paying PKR 4,000 for just a few tests. Not even a single medicine was given to the patient.

Isn’t this a total denial of basic human rights?

I am talking about a place where clean water is a prime concept. I am talking about a common man who can’t send his kids to school. I am talking about the ease with which one can rig polls. Yes, a country full of corruption and nepotism. I am talking about Pakistan, a country short of light and sight.

Not less than a captive is this nation, repeatedly bashed with hard blows. And whenever the captive searches for the prancing force to break the prison, they give him water. It works for them. And they keep him there. They keep him at the basic level.

This practice of keeping public under control has been the secret to rule Islamabad. Give a couple of laptops, like the PML-N government did. Or make a road. That’s it. That’s how they run their campaigns. At this stage, a majority starts believing in instant gains, leaving behind the concept of long-term national progress and its meaning. It’s just distribution. It’s not development. But since they deal with naive people, they are quiet successful in their mission to weaken Pakistan.

The league includes big names like Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain; let’s collectively call them ‘selfish people’. And because they are selfish, they lie again and again.

If they didn’t deliver before, how can they deliver now? The answer is too simple. I will like to mention that the government spent around Rs450 million on advertisements to counter the sit-in organized by PTI in Islamabad. Where on earth does this happen?

I believe good people are rare and that devils mostly get an upper hand. Similarly, I have always seen PTI as a weaker force but I always wanted it to win.

An ambitious man, Imran Khan , inspires me when he says, “Countries are built on knowledge cities. Knowledge cities provide the intellectual base for a country to become a developed country.”

“80 percent of people in high positions in Pakistan are criminals”. He wants them behind bars.

From a team of 11 to a nation a millions, this man is continuously leading from the front. I don’t see other politicians saying, “I have a dream; God make Pakistan a country where people from around the world come to look for jobs.”

His vision is clear. His disrespect for the status quo is also consistent. His past, unlike others, is full of achievements.

Let’s rewind a little; Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital was a success, what was its aim?

Imran Khan once said during a speech, “If you see his clothes are improper or torn, if he can’t speak English. You must ignore all this. You must only think a human being has come to the hospital.” I think government hospitals should engrave this quote on the walls.

If that’s not enough, just visit the Namal University in Mianwali. You surely are now thinking about Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a province currently governed by Khan’s party. For your information, the KPK government is already investing in health, education, social welfare and women’s empowerment. And this is totally opposite to the ‘concrete and steel model’ followed by typical political parties. I am not sure about the success rate of these policies but the idea of investing in people instead of physical infrastructure makes sense. 

So, he fought with political mafias. He tried to flush the system which is damaging country’s potential from years. And he is still fighting.  He talks about the system of taxation. He discards begging. He talks about merits. He talks about transparent elections.

It’s fair to say, Mr Imran Khan is a genius and the world respects him. The captive must realize too.