New Delhi: According to report, the government of India is considering to replace the national animal of India - tiger with lion.

Tiger has been India's national animal since 1972. Government first hinted their interest in lions by using a lion, as the logo for 'Make in India' initiative. For the uninitiated, 'Make in India' is an initiative to encourage enterprises to manufacture their products in India. The Prime Minister himself launched it in 2014.

Some wildlife activists have opposed the idea to make lion as the national animal, because they feel this is an undemocratic move. They want people of India to choose their new national animal themselves and not some obscure panel, sitting in New Delhi who knows nothing about the wildlife. Therefore, the Government of India has announced a contest, to find the new national animal of the country.

The contest is called 'India's Got Gallant' (IGG). The list of contestants includes lion, tiger, dog, rat, tortoise, bat, frog, elephant, and rabbit. Citizens who have a voter ID card can only vote for their favorite animal. The contest went live on April 1st and since then IGG has been flooded with responses via emails, SMS and phone calls.

But unfortunately, some of the voters either didn't know what they were voting for, or they weren't sober enough while voting. An official in-charge of the voting, P K Jungleraaj told us, "We have received calls from people saying I want to vote for Rahul Baba. It was difficult to convince them that this was a different kind of voting. They called us names thinking that we are corrupt and not casting their vote intentionally."

A politician famous for going on a dharna at the drop of a hat, Govind Farzimaal, also threw in his two cents, "I like how the government has approached the common man to decide the national animal. The same government, who doesn't care to connect with the common man, while making the budget and other policies, now wants to make the people feel important by asking them their favorite animal.