ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) has made up his mind of depriving Pakistan from Asian Senior Individual Squash title, which was won by Aamir Atlas Khan after a gap of 15 long and hard years as federation secretary has decided to send four players Nasir Iqbal, Farhan Zaman, Tayyab Aslam and Danish Atlas Khan to represent Pakistan. Two players Nasir Iqbal and Farhan Zaman were selected after so-called trials conducted by the federation with the active help of their referees while Tayyab and Danish were also included as Asian Squash Federation allocated four berths to Pakistan.

The most interesting thing to note in the selected players is the absence of current title holder Aamir Atlas, who always gets alien treatment from the federation. Whenever Aamir is on a high, federation, reasons best known to them, either impose ban on him without any solid reason or just use dirty tactics to deprive the most coveted player of modern era from his right to represent country. Aamir had won more international titles and laurels than any other player after the era of two legends greats Jahanghir Khan and Jansher Khan. Instead of acknowledging his achievements, federation, just for the personal ego of the secretary, forced Aamir and Pakistan number 1 squash player Fahan Mehboob to appear in trials.

In the past there are number of examples when top players were given exemption from appearing in the trials. Then why the rules are just applied on Aamir and Farhan. Despite being fully aware only Aamir and Mehboob are the two players in the current lot who could retain title, federation ignore the reality and continue with its self-styled policies.

Another interesting and notable absentee from the so-called champions list to represent Pakistan in the Asian Individual Squash championship in Kuwait, is the name of Sh Saqib, who played the semifinal of the recently concluded CNS $15,000 Squash Championship in Karachi. But he was placed at number 5 in the list. The federation must answer the justification, that why Saqib was placed at number 5 and on what grounds and performances Tayyab was given number 3rd place and Danish was placed at number 4. Tayyab had not won a single major event in the country with the only exception of one local tournament in Punjab. Danish had won hell lot of titles and Saqib had played the semifinals, then why such injustice is being done. Reason is quite simple. Secretary prefers some certain individuals, who had nothing to do with merit or winning chances, but only secretary's backing gifted them births in the national teams.

It was bonafide right of Aamir being the holder of the title to given exemption from the trials and same is the case with Mehboob. The most interesting case of PSF's dealing with federation affairs is the Farhan Zaman's example. This lad is on a consistent decline and hardly manage to move into second round of any PSA tournament since long. But he was given place in the national team with the justification that Zaman had finished runners up in the trials. What a great joke? Genuine talent is completely ignored since long. Instead of investing on players, federation spent national kitty with both hands on their personal tours and passing on favours to their blue-eyed players. Federation without any solid reason bought 5-glass court worth 80,000 euros but after a lapse of more than four months or so, the court is still lying in Karachi as senior vice president and secretary are not on the same page when it comes to installation of the court at a centre. SVP Razi Nawab, who is long absent from federation office as he had other important areas to look after, had promised the court would be installed at Hashim Khan Squash Complex, Peshawar while secretary Amir is clearly putting his weight in Punjab Squash Association's favour. What is the purpose of buying such expensive court, when there are already enough courts in the country? The top priority must be help players getting international exposure rather than spending lavishly and un necessarily but the PSF is not interested in player’s and game’s future.

There were lots of eye-brows raised on the price of the court, as inside circles claimed the court had been claimed to be purchased on a very higher price when it was available on a very low price. People had time and again demanded Pakistan Squash Federation president to conduct inquiry into mishandling of quite number things, which also include the hefty donation federation had managed to collect in USA when Razi Nawab along with Jahanghir went to US. Where that entire amount had vanished and why no action was taken and no serious effort was made to know how much federation had collected from US donors? Squash lovers have pinned greats hopes with present PSF president Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman to conduct detailed inquiry into not only in this matter but all the other issues of grave importance including the biased team selection and genuine title-contenders like Aamir and Mehboos's absence from the team. The squas circles are also very amazed with the fact that Razi Nawab had set a new record as despite being a retired air vice marshal, he is still continuing to perform duties as SVP which is unprecedented in PSF history.