Freedom is a birthright of every individual but the people of Kashmir have been fighting for more than 67 years to get the right of self-determination but to no avail.

Their efforts have been trampled ruthlessly and their lives have become a hell. They have been seeing nothing except blood being spilled, innocents being martyred, sisters being looted of their chastity, mothers losing their families, and scenic beauty of the valley of Kashmir being dyed red with the blood of its sons.

In the past two decades, the region has witnessed a lot of violence which has also strained the relations of Pakistan and India. Since Pakistan joined the United Nations Organization on 30th September 1947, our primary motive has been to project the issue of Kashmir before the world’s superpowers and help our Kashmiri brothers and sisters get their right to freedom and self-determination. Many resolutions have been passed, many summits organised, many talks held, and much has been debated about the Kashmir issue. Wars have been fought both through words and armies, but the issue still remains the bone of contention between the two archrivals, India and Pakistan. There has been no substantial outcome in resolving the issue. The solution to the Kashmir conflict becomes difficult because of its strategic position, which is so unique that neither India nor Pakistan wants to give their part of Kashmir. It is not only a regional conflict but also a dispute hampering the world peace. But how long we have to wait for? When will the world powers rise from their deep slumber and pay heed to the cries of our Kashmiri brethren?

The way of peace is better than war. The issue should be resolved peacefully and the plight of the woeful hearts should not be ignored.

       — The writer Iqra Saleem is a student of BS Mass Communication at International Islamic University Islamabad.