Four armed bandits shot at and critically injured a prize bond dealer and made off with cash and prize bonds worth over Rs0.5 million in busiest locality of the city the other night.

After closing his shop, prize bond dealer Sh Irfan Bashir, son of Sh Ghulam Shabbir was on the way to his home in Gala Haji Mehraj Din area on a bike. When he reached near his residence, four dacoits, riding two motorcycles, intercepted him and attempted to snatch cash and prize bonds bag but he resisted. At which the accused fired indiscriminate gunshots, leaving him with critical wounds. However, the accused snatched the bag containing cash and prize bonds worth over Rs0.5 million and fled away. The injured was rushed to DHQ Hospital from where he was referred to Lahore Hospital due to his critical condition. According to the residents, the police reached the crime scene after half an hour despite the fact that the city police station is located at a distance of less than one kilometre.

The police have registered a case without any clue or arrest.

Of late, robbery, theft, dacoity and bike lifting /snatching incidents in the area have been increased and last night’s dacoity in city area has created sense of insecurity and panic among the citizens who have appealed the DPO and RPO to take stringent measures to prevent day to day crime incidents in the area