New York

Olivia Wilde believes becoming a mother has changed her acting approach forever. The 31-year-old actress welcomed son Otis with her fiancé Jason Sudeikis in April 2014.

And although the star is incredibly busy with acting work, managing her fashion company and philanthropic duties, Olivia doesn’t believe she has anything to complain about.

‘I feel very supported and just very lucky to be working on such good things,’ she told People magazine. ‘There are people managing much more complicated lives than me.’ Olivia stars in new drama Meadowland, a movie she also produced.

Meadowland centres on the terrible repercussions that take place in the life of a woman named Sarah, played by Olivia, after her child goes missing. Olivia is convinced becoming a mother really helped her reach the depths of this part.

‘I think anyone who becomes a parent, their heart expands, and you empathise on a different level, and that’s what I think was required to tell this story as it should have been told,’ she explained. ‘I don’t know if I would have been able to play [my character] Sarah without being a mother. It’s actually kind of a gift of motherhood: You’re in touch with different levels of emotions. I think it’s all very connected.’ Meadowland premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on Friday. The feature boasts an all-star line-up, as Olivia’s co-stars include Elisabeth Moss, Juno Temple, John Leguizamo, Giovanni Ribisi and Luke Wilson among others.