Pakistan was created by men of honor, character and vision like Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal etc, so that its citizens could enjoy security of life and property, freedom of expression and religious practice, free from threats. For any sovereign state to survive and prosper, all institutions funded by taxpayer must be there to solely serve people. This objective can only be achieved by supremacy of constitution, the edifice on which a modern state is built, defining role of every institution and holding them accountable.

Economic self reliance, without which state sovereignty cannot be sustained, can only be achieved through tax collection, investing in education and health to develop human resources, so vital for development. For five decades, we have witnessed a culture of institutionalized tax evasion, relying on financial grants from donors and so called friendly countries, while encouraging massive flight of capital by few corrupt members of ruling elite. We are reduced to a state where an assistant to deputy minister of Gulf state openly rebuked us, while those who hold power are slave to their insatiable greed for assets located in these countries.

Pakistan is engaged in a war, our troops involved in combating terrorists spread along length and breadth of our country, yet there is talk of sending troops to fight somebody else war. Had there been peace and writ of state restored, Pakistan could have contemplated sending its soldiers to help restore peace, but not when country is facing an existential threat to its existence. We tend to bargain our sovereignty for few billions, but not willing to eliminate organized flight of capital ranging to $6 billion annually through illegitimate channels by land, air and sea, nor punish those caught red handed.


Lahore, April 17.