LAHORE - Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has decided launching Schools Improvement Programme (SIP) to academically strengthen the low-performing schools through different interventions.

The main purpose is to provide quality education to the students.

This project will be carried out through Continuous Professional Development department of the foundation under the supervision of PEF Director Bushra Saeed Khan. A total of 123 partner schools in different districts of the province will be benefitted from it.

Under this plan, PEF will provide master degree holder subject specialists to the schools to help improve their overall academic standards by working on different fronts including capacity building of staff and administration, improving students' learning outcomes and infrastructural improvements like hygiene and cleanliness, furniture’s maintenance, students and teachers ratio with respect to space and class available.

There will be a customized online mechanism for reporting and analysis of SIP execution besides an independent monitoring by M&E department.