LAHORE - The Markazi Jamiat Ahlehadith has taken out a rally from Nasir Bagh to Punjab Assembly in support of Saudi Arabia urging Pakistani government to send troops for the defence of the holly land immediately.

Carrying placards and banners inscribed with the slogans to sacrifice life for the protection of holly cities (Makkah and Madina), a good number of people participated in the rally. Jamiat chief Senator Sajid Mir and PML-N MNA from DG Khan Hafiz Abdul Karim led the rally.

Addressing the gathering at front of Punjab Assembly, Sajid Mir said the parliament resolution on Yemen issue was not reflecting the sentiments of the people of Pakistan. He held it would be an honour for Pakistan to protect the holly land from any foreign aggression. As per his views, the threat to Saudi rulers was actually threat to Harmain Sharifain (holly cities). PML-N MNA demanded of his government to immediately send troops to the Kingdom for its defence.