KARACHI - The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) showed its street power by holding a rally on Sunday at Aisha Manzil in the wake of by-election in NA-246 constituency.

Addressing the gathering, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said politics of violence and provocation in Karachi has weakened the potential of Mohajirs (migrants) and divided people along linguistic and racial lines, destroying the peace of the city.

Mohajirs played a vital role in promoting the country on international level and even produced stars like Javed Minadad, Tauseef Ahmed and others, he said. Once the city was consider to be City of Lights and people used to come in search of jobs here but the rule of the terror has brought destruction, he added.

The PTI chief said the lingual politics is Karachi is harming national harmony. “My father was a Niazi Pathan from Mianwali while my mother’s family migrated from India. I was born in Punjab and consider myself Lahori; so now, who am I? I am a Pakistani,” said Imran. “I haven’t come here for the sake of premiership but I am here as my dream of a new Pakistan cannot be fulfilled without a new Karachi,” he added.

Imran Khan said Nawaz Sharif was elected thrice as prime minster but he never gave importance to Karachi. “How many times has Nawaz Sharif been to Karachi?” asked Imran. “I am not here for the campaign for another seat for PTI; I am here to free Karachi (of terror), he said, adding that country cannot progress until the real representatives of people are sent to parliaments. He pointed out that presence of militants wings in political parties were the main reason of the destruction of the city.

Sharing his views on MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s Saturday speech, he said people of Karachi are very patient as they tolerate Altaf’s speeches. Imran said MQM former MNA Nabeel Gabol admitted that rigging occurred on May 11, but this time Rangers personnel will be present at the polling stations and results will show how many votes are actually cast on polling day. About the Judicial Commission, he said it’s the first time in the history of the country that investigation will be carried out into election rigging. Election will be held this year as the commission finishes its findings, he claimed.

PTI Vice-chairman Shah Mehmood Quershi said that during the last 30 years, the people of Karachi did not support PML-Nawaz and PPP and they kept electing MQM representatives but now people have entered a new era and kite (election symbol of MQM) has vanished from the skies. PTI candidate for NA-246, Imran Ismail said MQM’s time was over and now no one was allowed to shut down the city. “We won’t let it happen,” he declared.