a difference of opinion

S:     Have you read The God delusion by Richard Dawkins?

A:     Astaghfirullah, Sadiq! If there was just the one book in the one library left on this one earth, I still wouldn’t read Dawkins’ book.

S:     Not one for critical thinking, of course. I should have known. I should have judged you by the length of your beard just like the rest of my creed.

A:     And what creed is that?

S:     Liberal fascists, I believe, is the term we have been granted. Utterly flawed of course.

A:     I do believe in critical thought, debate and intellectual reasoning, by the way.

S:     Ah. And yet you will not read a book that talks about all those things, because it puts the word “delusion” next to the word “God” in its title? Can’t you rise above your prejudice and separate the content from the idea? I respect your choice to practice religion, and I know you have begrudgingly accepted my position on faith... but I think it is beneath you to shun knowledge just because it is a brand of knowledge you do not agree with.

A:     I’ve read enough atheist literature to know what it says. I’m not afraid of a book that declares the non existence of the Creator. But what I believe brings me such certain joy, that I don’t want to read it.

S:     I’ve read the Bible. I’ve read the Quran. However else will I know what path to choose?

A:     Sadiq, sometimes you just know.