LAHORE - Former Law Minister S M Zafar has said that Pakistan would extend full support to Saudi Arabia for facing internal and external challenges.

Speaking at a seminar on the topic “Pakistan’s role in Yemen war” at TECH Society Club on Sunday, he said that the Army would take final decision regarding participation in Yemen war. Ex Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmed Khan, Dr Muhammad Sadiq, Zubair Sheikh and Jameel Gishkori also addressed the seminar.

S M Zafar said that National Assembly resolution was not a hindrance in sending troops to Saudi Arabia as it mentioned that Pakistan would come forward when there was a threat to the safety and security of brotherly Islamic state.

He said that despite much less resources, ISI has shown performance even better than the CIA.

Shamshad Ahmed Khan said that Yemen war could be part of international conspiracy to set precedence for India to carryout similar attack on Pakistan in future under excuse of security threats. He said that Saudi Arabia was facing more daunting threats internally rather than externally. He said that Pakistan was a security state due to its strategic location and it was Army that has united the country. He said that the politicians were fighting for personal interests and political gains and they were not proactive in taking decisions on issues of national importance.