After potatoes, the rates of tomatoes have also started dropping significantly, being sold for Rs20-25 per kg in Sunday bazaars and for Rs30 per kg in open market. The rate of onion continued to remain high at Rs50-55 per kg while the price of potato falling sharply to Rs12-15 per kg for the last couple of weeks both in open market as well as in Sunday bazaars.

The rate of onion had went up by more than 100 per cent last week from Rs25 per kg to Rs50-60 in retail market with no availability in makeshift markets established on Sundays in Punjab.

Low quality onions are being sold for Rs30-40 per kg in different areas of the city.

Agri experts are of the view that onion rates have been doubled at a time when harvesting of local onion crop is at its peak both in Punjab as well as in Sindh. The sudden increase in the onion price exposed the weak management of the provincial government to ensure the demand and supply mechanism so that the rates of edibles remain in control. The farmers are also complaining that no measure has been taken by the Punjab government to protect the potato growers of the province as they are incurring huge losses after bumper crop of it.

 The government claims that it is making efforts to ensure the export of maximum quantity of potato but so far it is unable to bring any positive impact on the farmers produce.

This week potato price was fixed at 12 per kg in Sunday bazaars while onion at Rs35 per kg with an increase of Rs8 per kg while rotten and lower grade was sold at Rs25 per kg. Tomato price was fixed at Rs25 per kg and was abundantly available in makeshift markets. Garlic China price was fixed at Rs115 per kg, garlic India Rs108 per kg, while both Indian and Chinese was sold at Rs130 per kg. Ginger Thailand was fixed at Rs108 to 112 per kg, ginger China at Rs118 to 124 per kg, while Indian was sold at Rs130 per kg. Cauliflower rate was fixed at Rs25 per kg, while missing in Sunday bazaars, cabbage was fixed at Rs17 per kg. Green chilli local was fixed at Rs102 per kg, and farm at Rs 83 per kg, while sold at Rs100 per kg.

Capsicum was fixed at Rs40 to 45 per kg but also not sold in the makeshift markets. Arum price was fixed at Rs65 to 70 per kg, pumpkin at Rs50 per kg and ladyfinger at Rs120. The price of pea was fixed at Rs20 per kg. Radish price was fixed at Rs45 per kg, turnip at Rs6 per kg, methi at Rs15 per kg, but not sold there.