Pakistan has welcomed a United Nations Security Council resolution imposing sanctions on Yemen’s Houthi militia. The UNSC approved the resolution by a unanimous 14-0 vote, with Russia abstaining. This resolution is in line with Pakistan’s stated position on the situation in Yemen in particular our strong support for the unity and sovereignty of Yemen and its legitimate government of president Hadi.

Support for rebels or anarchists are not a prerogative of Pakistan. Yemen has a legitimate government that must take control and Pakistan agrees with that. So the resolution by UNSC is welcomed as a step in the right direction. The people of Yemen need our help and this issue must be resolved as soon as possible so that the people can go back to their lives. Aid also cannot get through and the UN must help in this humanitarian endeavor. Aid and medical help must reach the people. They are praying for a cessation of hostilities and normalcy to return. Let’s hope the world community can play its part.


Lahore, April 16.