In 2015 Chinese State Leader Yu Zhengsheng termed Pakistan as the "most reliable friend" and said just as Pakistan has always stood by China, Chinese government and its people will stand with Pakistan and help it in all respects.

With the CPEC corridor being built, as well as strong relations, in the past, China with its money and size has been able to make the Pakistani people buy the rhetoric that we are “all weather friends”. It may be true, that we are friends, but we must also remain critical of the neighbour, for our own self-interest. There are many examples of a lop-sided relationship. Pakistanis cannot obtain an individual tourist visa for China because Pakistani nationals can only travel to China in a group. The converse for Pakistani visas is not true. We also have no familiarity with their local customs, their art, literature or popular entertainment, and neither do they off us. What is touted as a friendship, is more of a business deal. While China is our most important friend, we are just one of the many options for China. We are seen through the filter of India, and the relationship is mired in geo-politics. If Pakistan want to gain from the friendship, it must make sure that we see them as strategically as they see us. Right now we have our heads in the sand, convinced that China knows best. We need to be prepared for a massive inflow of Chinese products and labour, that will leave our local economy in tatters.