Despite of all the positive aspects of media, there are a certain flaws in the role played by our media.

To begin with, the “breaking news” trend have been all the rage for quite sometime now but for all the wrong reasons. Without evaluating the consequences, every channel rushes in to break it first. Their only concern is the ratings which don`t even allow them to think about media ethics and responsibilities. They never hesitate in creating panic by their incessant dramatic projections. The political talk shows take up a huge time slot but fail to produce any progress and do nothing except firing up fights between different party representatives. Also, many news anchors of leading channels never fail to entertain (or irritate) us. Its seems like they have been allowed to say (read: yell) whatever comes to their mind on a national television.

For once, our media should choose “responsibility” over “profit”. “Freedom With Responsibility” should be the slogan raised and practiced by our media, as it`s responsibility is to create peace and harmony rather than unrest.


Karachi, March 15.