Pakistanis living abroad a.k.a overseas Pakistanis are pride of our nation, as their acts shape the image of Pakistan on global scale and their remittances are a big boost to our scruffy economy. Most of our overseas brothers and sisters are either born there or have gone there for higher studies. It’s all good till this point. But when they come back to Pakistan they can’t help themselves but to criticize their nation. It’s good too because a lot is amiss in our nation from upper to lower levels and whether you like it or not you’ve to bare their lancets of criticism and healthy criticism helps to make things better. They normally come back for two, three weeks or a month at most and in many cases every time they come back, they reiterate their monotonous feel of despondence to see their deprived country from the point they step on the airport till waving goodbye. They come, criticize and go back again and won’t return before a year or two. So what is the fruition of all this when they’re here for days only and won’t avert anything? They are always of the opinion that they are subjected to embarrassment abroad because of their country but how true is this argument? Pakistanis who commit crimes abroad or are involved in malpractices and are deported as repercussion, how is Pakistan to be blamed for all that?

But it’s not that all 10 fingers are same. Their are numerous citizens of Pakistan bringing good names to their country. Most of them come back after their conclusion of their studies to be the part of the change they want to see here. But those who feel embarrassed with their country should remember that whenever they’ll be stranded in that foreign land, it’ll be their country who’ll come to their rescue.


Karachi, March 14.