Social Media is a current way in which people are using to interact with one another daily. Since the launch of various social networking sites, it’s been a huge attraction in a new way to share information with others and correspond with interests of your choice in many different forms. Although social media sites allow users to share information with friends and other sites on the internet, many people are unaware of how their privacy is getting out. Now that the expansion of global connection through these social media networking sites are so highly present today, giving us easy access to information, the lack of one’s privacy is being diminished. 

In Pakistan, majority of the people fall into the trap of these threats which results in cyberbullying. Hackers hack the personal data and information easily. They even make fake profiles and misuse their information. Many cases regarding cyberbullying goes unnoticed or even neglected for months and years in Pakistan. And due to this, many people go into depression and even commit suicide. 

The government of Pakistan and the cybercrime authorities should resolve this crucial issue and the cases which are in pending should be resolved soon and give justice to the victims and should punish the culprits. 


Karachi, March 27.