­MIRPUR (AJK)-The Jammu and Kashmir Human Rights Commission (JKHRC) and the Jammu Kashmir National Front (JKNF) on Thursday lambasted India for continuing the reign of state terrorism and human rights violations in Held Kashmir.

It said that the gang rape and brutal murder of minor Kashmiri girl Asifa Bano by Hindu gangsters in Kathua Town of Jammu region has uprooted the human rights-loving people the world over, even in India, for this gruesome act of inhumanity and violence.

Talking to a group of senior Kashmiri journalists here on Thursday, JK HRC Chairman Humayoon Zaman Mirza vehemently condemned the gang rape and the murder of Asifa Bano. The highly shameful act was the ample proof of the fact that Muslims and even the low casts Hindus and other minorities are not safe and secure in India and most particularly in the Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir at the hands of the fanatics Hindus including the occupying Indian forces.

The JKHRC chief called for immediate raising of the ugly and shameful incident in the Human Rights Council, the UN General Assembly and the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Mirza said, “Hindu extremists, instead of showing sympathy for the victim, are demonstrating against the arrest of eight Hindus. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) extremists have been terrorising 1.1 million Gujjars in Jammu for years. This time, he said, their persecution has moved to a higher pernicious level whereby they have used rape of an 8-year girl as an instrument of hatred, religious fanaticism and war against the Kashmiris.

Humayoon Zaman Mirza said that the Indian occupation forces in Jammu and Kashmir have created a culture of impunity for crimes against humanity. Extremist gangs, therefore, feel encouraged to victimise young girls and that’s why they are coming to the defence of the accused.

The JKHRC Chief underlined that since 1989 Indian occupation forces have raped and molested thousands of women to subjugate them. Sexual violence, he pointed out, is used as a weapon of war throughout the occupied territory.

Over the years nomadic Muslim shepherds have been a target of Hindu extremists and Asifa Bano is the latest victim, he said. They use these tactics to force Gujjars and Nomads out of Jammu, but they will never succeed because Kashmiris are determined to get their freedom.

Humayoon Zaman Mirza said that it is also very disturbing to learn that the lawyer community in Jammu who are supposed to uphold the law are supporting Hindu extremists.

“It is high time Indian civil society the world over to wake up and save Kashmiris from bondage, killings, torture and rape – since women and children have no security in the bleeding occupied valley,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Jammu Kashmir National Front has paid rich and glowing tributes to Shaheed S Hamid on his martyrdom anniversary. Shaheed S Hamid, was arrested by government forces and killed in custody in Soura area of Srinagar in 1998.

A National Front spokesperson said in a statement here on Thursday that incarcerated National Front chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan used to talk very high of his ideological friend and associate, Shaheed S Hamid. Nayeem Khan used to call Shaheed S Hamid as a great politician, intellectual and an icon of the freedom struggle who along with others founded Hurriyat Conference.

Nayeem Khan always remembered his friend with wet eyes saying “despite the dirty designs of the occupying forces and their collaborators the ideological heirs of the martyrs like Shaheed S Hamid are still on path of resistance.” Nayeem Khan always termed Shaheed S Hamid a leader with vision, dedication, sincerity and love for freedom.

Meanwhile, condemning atrocities on people in nook and corner, the National Front spokesperson said that the champions of the so called democracy do not allow subjugated Kashmiris even to mourn and raise their voice democratically.

National Front also expressed anguish over the use of forces on students. He paid said tributes to all the martyrs and said that precious blood will not go waste and time is not far when occupied forces will leave Jammu Kashmir and people living here will bear fruit of their sacrifices.