It is undoubtedly a fact that a great many people of high-rank visit abroad for their treatments, be it, Nawaz Sharif, Musharif, Asif Zardari, Ishaq Dar etc, instead of going to local hospitals in Pakistan but what about those poor who do not have enough money to go in a foreign country so the answer is, they suffer and die in silence.

I feel very sad that a great many number of funds have been alloted for the improvement of the healthcare then where does the money go?

The money goes in the account of those elites who in reality are thieves and are feathering their nests. Knowing that why Pakistanis have turned foolish to give them vote in the elections? Why do they give them vote with knowing that they have done good to the nation without looting, plundering and betraying the nation?

In Pakistan, over the years ,many medical colleges and hospitals have been established, but our public officials seem not to trust them. How can they then expect others to use them and be satisfied?

They are the main reasons of the deteriorated hospitals since the funds alloted for the healthcare are siphoned off by these corrupt leaders. By not finding appropriate healthcare facilitates, they make their way abroad for their treatment while leaving the poor people behind.

quality of service and equipment in our public hospitals are extremely poor, whereas private hospitals are expensive and do not provide the treatment one would expect in return for such high prices. As a result, many patients who can afford it find it more reasonable to go abroad for treatment, while those who cannot afford to go abroad must make do with the sub-standard healthcare service that is domestically available.

The authorities need to ensure that quality healthcare service is available in all our public hospitals so that everyone can receive adequate healthcare domestically and for confidence in our public healthcare system to go up.


Turbat, March 25.