LAHORE - Losses-stricken PIA's management is promoting junior and inexperienced officers on senior slots by ignoring senior and experienced ones due for unknown reasons.

Though senior officers are feeling uneasy in the airline but they were keeping mum due to their professional compulsions.

A senior officer of national carrier seeking anonymity said that top officers hired in recent past were not qualifying for the posts they were holding. They were drawing salaries from around Rs 2 million per head interestingly having no aviation experience while senior and experienced officers of the airline were drawing only Rs0.2 to 0.3 million per month salary.

The PIA is passing through tough time and the management instead of motivating seniors and experienced officers especially in foreign posting is constantly promoting their blue eyed ones.

Signaling towards a recent example of out of the way promotion an aggrieved and senior officer said, "Taimoor P-62842 joined PIA on July 02, 2007 in Pay Group 6. He was in finance section to accommodate him for promotion he was moved horizontally in marketing department in group 7 and in year 2016 has was given pay group 8 in revenue management section of marketing department with surety bond that he will not move anywhere for six years. Recently on April 2, he has been promoted in pay group 9 by ignoring senior candidates."

The senior officer said "His achievement is that during his posting in revenue management he was looking USA sector and due to his poor policies airline had to close USA sector which was incurring a huge loss to PIA. Instead of holding inquiry against him he has been promoted by superseding senior employees of the airline. He is getting a special allowance of CIMA certificate which is pre-requisite of finance activities his competing candidates Latafat Mehmood and Munir Sheikh are already working in schedule section; they are senior to him but both were ignored and this blue eyed officer of PIA management has been promoted in group 9."

All the other competing candidates who are also senior to him are Parkash, Nadeem Khan, Sikandar Ali Shah, Mazhar Zardari and many other senior employees who are not only seniors but have best exposure of marketing along with field experience with outstanding performance. Other than this Javed Jameel who was already working in CEO Secretariat has also been promoted in group 9 by ignoring senior employees against advertised position for pay group 9 which is evident that these positions were deliberately advertised dishonestly to promote these persons after the status quo order of the Sindh High Court on foreign posting of juniors employees now PIA management has explored a new method to accommodate juniors by temporary posting of their choice employees without any criterion for three months on different stations for example Dubai Jeddah Oslo, Bangkok and Najaf."

Recently PIA management has closed Kuwait operation, according to sources PIA was forced to close Kuwait station due to poor revenue and heavy losses but concerned manger along with his team is still enjoying dollars and other perks instead of facing any inquiry the only reason being blue eyed of PIA management.