As we know, the incumbent government of PTI and establishment are on the same page. There have been no substantive measures to appreciate the former.

If we talk about the opposition parties, both major parties PMLN and PPP are not in this position to criticize the PTI government. I believe the same might happen with the PTI government, they have no opposition and no other institutional confrontation but the economic crisis has increased throughout the PTI government.

In all of this time, they have proved that the government has only focused on the rhetoric rather than reality. Pakistan`s economic crisis may render havoc in the near future.

Here is another question is arises that, is Pakistan able to fulfill the budgetary requirements of military forces? It is not easy for developing countries to increase the security-based budgets annually. After all, we need stability in the region.

Economic development is imminent until the economy is on track. Moreover, it is nothing just a game of interests or game of thrones perhaps.


Sialkot, March 25.a