KARACHI-The opposition parties in the Sindh Assembly on Friday once again staged walkout from the proceedings amid debate on possible roll back of the 18th constitutional amendment passed by the parliament unanimously.

The joint opposition comprising Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) and Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) boycotted the proceedings while MMA lawmaker Abdul Rasheed remained in the house.

Taking up the debate over an adjournment motion, initiated on Thursday (yesterday), PPPP lawmaker Raja Razzak said that whenever the constitution is modified for vested interests it caused irreparable loss to the country.

He said that the 18th amendment has nothing to do when the ministers or cabinet fail to perform. “The problem lays with the engine not tyres,” he pointed out, adding that the incumbent government failed carry out any legislation in the first nine months.

Another treasury lawmaker Marvi Faseeh said that those walking out know nothing of the constitution. “This constitution has remained under attack from dictators and their stooges,” she criticised, adding the incumbent government is unable to digest empowerment of the provinces and is raising noise through puppets.

MMA lawmaker Syed Abdul Rasheed condemned the attempts to roll back the 18th amendment and said that Imran Khan should understand that he is the prime minister of the country not mayor of Bani Gala.

He said that major issues faced by the country are inflation and unemployment but the government that relies on members of other parties could not serve the masses.

“The government and representatives are deliberately bringing such issues to debate to divert attention of the masses from major problems faced by the country,” he claimed.

Minister for Women Development Shehla Raza recalled how separatist movements grew stronger when one unit was formed in 1960s and warning that if the country is pushed to any such status again, then it could also result in a movement like 1971 that caused separation of East Pakistan.

“If one unit is formed then separatists movements could grew stronger,” she warned.

She further said that during the past tenure, the PML-N also worked against the provincial devolution.

“This amendment has given powers to provinces and gave them their due share,’ she claimed, adding that the Sindh province proved its efficiency after devolution of health intuitions and improved health facilities to its best in shape of NICVD and other health care institutes.

Meanwhile, the house also witnessed heated debate between Local Bodies Minister Saeed Ghnai and PTI lawmaker Jamal Siddiqui when the latter blamed the minister for taking bribe for allowing functioning of illegal hydrants in the city.

The minister got infuriated and said that curse would be on him if proved guilty of receiving bribe and if otherwise then it would be on him who had blamed him.

He claimed that the member who blamed him has his brother appointed as DG KDA and should ask his brother regarding the minister’s reputation.

“We have removed his brother as he was found drunk while attending official meetings,” Ghani claimed.

The remarks caused uproar from the opposition lawmaker and led to walkout by the opposition lawmakers from the provincial assembly proceedings.

Later, the proceedings were adjourned by the speaker for Monday afternoon.


Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar has directed the departments concerned to ensure clear passage leading to graveyards and make lighting and cleanliness arrangements around the same on the occasion of Shab-e-Barat.

He said that a large number of citizens visit graveyards to offer fateha therefore such arrangements should be made that no one should had to face any difficulty, said a statement on Friday.

He said that city wardens should be deputed at the ways to graveyards to save the people from traffic jam on roads. Waseem Akhter also directed that district municipal corporations concerned, Sindh Solid Waste Management Board as well as local bodies representatives of the area to coordinate for better arrangements.

The Mayor called upon all organizations to work jointly to provide better facilities to the people on this occasion.