POST-Christchurch massacre of 51 Muslims in New Zealand, the way it’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern showed sympathy and benevolence to the afflicted community was an example and lesson for our leaders and society when it comes to treating our minorities in their predicaments.

Exactly a week after the attack, Muslims were joined by thousands of New Zealanders, including the prime minister, for the Friday prayers and banned all the military-style weapons and began to rewrite the gun laws. Besides this, PM NZ Miss Ardern went to each victim family to appease their bereavement.

The parliament session commenced with the recitation of Holy Book ‘Al-Quran’, whereas she herself started her speech by saying ‘Assalam-o-Alaikum’.

While we all are appreciating her act of humanity, it is a state of utmost lament that minorities are persecuted in this part of the world. Has our parliament ever recited the verses of the Bible or if any leader has approached the Christians when around 90, Christians were killed in Peshawar Church attack? Similarly, when almost 100 Ahmadis in Lahore were massacred. Did our leaders even bother to visit their homes for condolences? Tens of hundreds of Shias were killed on their way to Gilgit. Who reached them to ask the condition of grieved families?

The state has remained failed to date when it comes to protecting minorities in Pakistan. Our leaders should learn humanity and compassion from Ardern perhaps.



Gilgit-Baltistan, March 25.