Shirley Temple


An American actor, singer, dancer, businessperson and a diplomat, a girl who made her film debut at the age of three. Shirley Temple Black was a praiseworthy child artist. She was one of the leading box office child artists back in the day. April 20, 1934, was the day when Temple appeared on the big screen.

By the time Temple was six years old, she was already done with twenty movies worth millions of dollars. Temple`s profile not only rests at her Hollywood career. Only at the age of 22, Temple bid farewell to the big screen and went ahead with television. As an adolescent as well as an adult, it would be fair to say that Temple had left a huge impact in the entertainment industry.

It was her marriage to Black Temple, which was her way into Republican politics. Although she could not make her way to Congress, it was in 1969 when Nixon nominated Temple as an ambassador to the UN. She had multiple diplomatic missions to her name including Ghana, Czechoslovakia, and etcetera.

Despite her mesmerizing career from entertainment to international diplomacy. Temple is still a three-year-old girl for her fans.