Polio is active in only three countries of the entire world and unfortunately, we are one of them. Despite extensive efforts, and a relative drop in the number of polio cases in the early 2000s, Pakistan had the highest number of polio cases in 2014.

Polio workers risked their lives while conducting door-to-door vaccination campaigns. It is heartening to see that polio workers are still dedicated to the cause and the nationwide vaccination campaign has commenced successfully, targeting millions of children. The continuous campaigns in the past few years have proved to be successful as only 18 cases were diagnosed throughout the country in the past year — a relatively low count for Pakistan.

Estimates suggest that this year’s campaign will reduce polio cases leading to an eventual elimination. The active approach of the provincial governments towards the disease and the provision of adequate security to polio workers.

 We hope to see a polio-free Pakistan soon!


Karachi, April 4.