LAHORE  -    The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) has failed to keep a check on the illegal printing and sale of textbooks and supplementary material, which is easily available in the market.

 The Curriculum Board launched a media campaign in 2018 against the publishers and authors printing books without seeking its NOC, but it failed to achieve the desired results. Illegal sale of such books continues in Punjab as the regulatory body seemingly lacks an enforcement mechanism.

However, the PCBT comes into action against the violators but only after receiving complaints from the public.  A latest case in this regard is about the books on Sociology being taught and recommended in different colleges of Punjab at Intermediate level (Part 1 and Part 2). Authored by Muhammad Kashif, a lecturer at Government Emerson College Multan, these books are available for sale in the market.

The author, when contacted, said that he had got published a few books to be sent to the PCBT for review. He wondered how the books could be sold in the market without authentication by the Curriculum Board.  According to PCTB Act, 2015, no text book or supplementary material can be taught in government and private institutions without review by the Board of Governors of the PCTB. As per section 10 and 10 A, an imprisonment of five years and fine or both has been prescribed for the violators.

Assistant Director Manuscript, PCBT, Ata Dastgir admitted the presence of unapproved books in the market saying that his department lacked the required manpower and resources to enforce the relevant laws.




The PCTB, he said, did not have a magistrate at its disposal for inspection of book stores to impose fines on the violators. On the illegal sale of Sociology books authored by Muhammad Kashif, he said the books were submitted for review only a few days back and the publisher has been directed to callback the books immediately.