FAISALABAD                     -                      After completion of 14-day quarantine period, nine workers of Faisalabad Waste Management Company (FWMC) have been sent back to their homes.

These workers had performed duties with returning pilgrims at Quarantine Center PARS Jhang road, therefore, they were kept under 14-days quarantine. After completion of such period they were sent back to homes with direction to isolate themselves at home for another period of 15-days. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) FWMC Kashif Raza Awan and Assistant Commissioner Sadar Umar Maqbool presented them floral bouquets along with other gifts to FWMC workers, who were leaving for their homes.

They appreciated performance of FWMC workers and said that although waste workers provided services to pilgrims yet they are coronavirus negative and should keep themselves isolated. FWMC workers thanked the district administration and assured that they would remain always ready to serve the humanity and continue their duties with diligence and dedication in the future too.

They also promised that they would keep themselves in quarantine for 15-days for the sake of safety of their families.

DC checkS execution on Section-144 on various roads

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali checked the execution on Section-144 on various roads on Sunday and stopped the pillion-riding motorcyclists and handed them over to the police, while in private vehicles more than two passengers were given strict warning.  He checked the traffic at Pratabnagar Jhang road, Imam Bargah Chowk Kotwali Road and other highways.  Deputy Commissioner checked the double ride of the motorcycles and took action against those, who violated Section-144.

He also gave warning to those, who did not wear face masks during the journey. He said that the district administration had put all its resources to save the public from coronavirus and their cooperation was utmost necessary to defeat this virus.

AC Visits Satyana road to  check lockdown

Assistant Commissioner City Syed Ayub Bukhari checked the execution on the lockdown at Satyana road on Sunday, and shut down some shops of garments, embroidery and shoes, where shopping was underway and 20 people were arrested and handed over to the police.  Meanwhile, many shops and markets were also closed during the check-in at Satyana road. Assistant Commissioner City arrested 8 people for violating Section-144 on different roads and markets and 4 cases were registered at the police station.  He also took action against some double riders on motorcycle and sent them in Jail.