LAHORE                      -                  Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, on Sunday, has said that thousands of people will be infected by coronavirus in the absence of precautionary and safety measures at mosques. “And God forbid, if it happens so, the history will not pardon anyone,” the governor said. 

He said that Ulema and respective mosque administration had the responsibility to cooperate with police and all other government departments in implementing protective measures including social distancing.

He said that Ulema and the whole nation had to understand that corona pandemic was not vanishing and it would rather heighten in the days to come for which we had to prepare right now.

The governor was speaking to Badshahi Mosque Khateeb Maulana Abdul Khabeer Azad, Pir Nazim Hussain Shah and others in a meeting at Governor House Lahore.

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that federal and provincial governments were taking effective protective measures against corona pandemic and also taking difficult decision, because it was our responsibility to save 220 million Pakistanis from corona.

He said that with all sincerity and having complete agreement with Ulema, the government had formulated policy regarding Ramadan-ul-Mobarak, and God forbid, mosque administration and people did not follow this policy, it would have dire consequences as thousands of people might be affected from this pandemic.  He said that for this reason we could not afford to show laxity in this regard even for a moment.

He said that he had opposed Iran and Afghanistan war because anybody, who got involved in a wrong decision, was equally responsible for loss of human lives.

He said that Ulema should ensure 100 per cent implementation on government policy that had been evolved with their consultation and save the people from this dreadful pandemic.

He said that the entire nation must take corona-led situation seriously so as to protect themselves and others from coronavirus.