ISLAMABAD                     -                  The second phase of China-Pakistan Economic Cor­ridor (CPEC) will trigger development of science and technology and put a high premium on technological cooperation between the two countries in the com­ing years.

“The technology spill-over suggests that among mul­tiple ways to boosting the evolvement of science and technology in a country, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and multinational corporations have proven to be efficient channels in sending technologies from leading economies to less developed ones,” says a re­port published by Gwadar Pro App on Sunday.

The report quoting official sources stated that in FY 2018 - 2019, China is the largest source of FDI in Pa­kistan, registering an amount of $546 million.

With ongoing the CPEC projects and Chinese mul­tinational corporations driving development in ener­gy, IT, construction, agriculture and other sectors, the registration of new companies and intellectual prop­erty rights in Pakistan have been increasing sponta­neously.