KHANEWAL              -               Director General Ayub Research Centre Faisalabad Dr Abid Mahmood said that the incumbent government was taking steps to provide relief to growers.  He said that subsidy is being provided on cotton seed while special concession on fertilizer and in electricity units to growers was also under consideration.  Talking to APP here on Sunday, DG Ayub Research Centre Faisalabad Dr Abid Mahmood said that the government have constituted committees at district level and these committees will review all cotton process and ensured implementation on government instructions.  He advised cotton growers to cultivate only certified cotton seed varieties approved from Government of Punjab including FH Lalazaar, IUB113, Nayab 878, MNH 886 and FH142 to get better cotton production. He said that growers should check the production capacity before sowing and enhance its quantity in case of less germination. He suggested growers to use  six kg to eight kg cotton seed per acre.  He said that the cotton crop had damaged last time due to extra rains previous year and hoped that this year would be cotton year while better cotton yielding expected.  He urged the growers to sow maximum cotton crop this year and get maximum benefit from facilities given by the government.  He said that growers should buy cotton seed from Punjab seed corporation and other registered companies and it should also be approved from Federal Seed Certification (FSC). He said that growers should apply per acre cotton seed after consulting with agriculture experts by checking seed quality.