KARACHI - The Sindh Government has allowed the fishermen of Karachi to resume work under strict SOPs issued by the administration.

In a notification issued on Sunday, the government instructed the Karachi Fish Harbor Authority and Fishermen Cooperative Society to ensure social distancing is practiced.

The authority has to provide masks, gloves and sanitiser to all fishermen and employees. Authorities will also have to manage traffic to ensure there isn’t any rush at the harbour.

Fishermen will be allowed to go for catching fish from 5pm to 6am and will have to clean their boats and ships before and after unloading.

According to the notification, not more than four people will be allowed to be in a single boat at the same time.

Anyone found violating the law will be punished under Section 4 of the Sindh Epidemic Disease Control Act, 2014.

Previously, the government had shut down businesses and industries as part of precautionary measures to contain the novel coronavirus.