ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Science and Technology Chaudhary Fawad Hussain said the local manufacturing of ventilators and testing kits of Covid-19 are in final phase.

In a series tweets, he appreciated the performance of Pakistani institutions and said the final trails of locally made ventilators and testing kits were started.  He said, “We are in position to export best quality sanitizers and will also be in position to produce N-95 mask in near future. We are also producing productive gears for doctors and paramedical staff.” He said this success is enough of those critics who never feel happy over Pakistan’s success stories.

Two days back, he claimed that ministry of Science and Technology had approved 61 electronics standards and these standards will be implemented after the Cabinet approval. He said, after implementation of standards mean the import of low quality switches and boards will not be allowed. He said only standard electronics products can be sold in Pakistan.

He said hopefully, standards of locally manufactured cars and tractors will be upgraded in the next phase. If we want to achieve progress in the world then we have to develop and adhere to standards, he added.

He said that Federal minister for Economic Division Hammad Azhar had assured him of industries' cooperation in this regard.