ISLAMABAD                 -                The hospitals and doctors of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) are provided with Personal Protection Equip­ment (PPE) by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to combat and eradicate the pandemic of COVID-19.

The third round for distribution of PPEs to all hospitals across Pakistan has started, says a press release by NDMA.

Apart from the regular supplied equipment to the hospitals, it is the first time that NDMA has broadened its supply by adding more safety equipment. In the third round of distribution of PPEs, NDMA has added Bio Hazard Suits (BHS), body bags, safety boxes, sanitizer bottles, metha­nol bottles and hand washing detergents.

The BHS provided by NDMA to Gilgit Baltistan are around 2000 whereas five hundred body bags are also supplied with it.

Fifty safety boxes, fifty-liter bottles and 1500 bottles of sanitizers, thirty bottles of methanol and 3500 bottles of handwash detergents were also new in the supply provided by NDMA to hos­pitals at GB.

Apart from this, the regular equipment de­livered by NDMA to GB for hospitals includ­ed 3,450 surgical masks and 962 N-95 masks. The equipment also included around seven thousand protective suits, almost four thou­sand shoe covers and 1577 protective gowns. Around 3500 gloves, one seventy-five ICU shoe pairs and almost five thousand surgical caps were also present in the supplied equipment to the hospitals of Gilgit Baltistan.