Apart from being a literary genius, Cervantes

was a military man too.


Miguel de Cervantes was born on September 29 1547. He was a Spanish novelist, playwright and poet. He is best known for Don Quixote, the novel considered the greatest novel of all times. Don Quixote brought its author considerable success in his lifetime. With huge sales and multiple reprinting (and pirating), the first part of the novel was widely translated and celebrated across Europe even before the arguably superior second part had been published. Yet Miguel de Cervantes’ life was a far from easy one. Self-exiled from his homeland, on the run from the authorities, he was repeatedly jailed, often through no fault of his own, and enslaved; as a soldier he lost the use of his left hand and most of his ideals; he had relentless family struggles, and more often than not was utterly broke.

This man who is accredited with the title of inventor of fiction died on April 22, 1616 in Madrid. He in his life saw as many ups and downs as the protagonist of his most famous work Don Quixote had come across.