KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders have advised the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) presently in power in Sindh to have a mercy on the nation during the coronavirus pandemic, stop its mudslinging campaign against the federal government and focus its attention and energies on serving people of Pakistan.

Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi, while addressing a press conference here at the Insaf House on Sunday, said Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah had himself said that the federal government was doing a good job; however, other PPP leaders were giving statements against the prime minister.

He further said that PPP had already rocked the boat of Pakistan. “Now we earnestly request them to serve the people,” he said, and added the federal government had already given 10,000 kits to the provincial government.

Naqvi said the federal government had already issued the national action plan and SOPs. He said complete details about the material provided by the federal government to the provinces were available till March 17. The opposition leader in Sindh Assembly reminded that the facility of quarantine was initiated by the federal government.

Naqvi said that the Sindh government had admitted the presence of coronavirus in 18 districts of the province, out of total 29. “In the remaining 11 districts, either the virus is not present or tests are not being conducted,” the PTI leader said, and added from these 18 districts, in six districts only five cases were reported.

He said it was our opinion that that strict lockdown was never ensured in the province. “Only some central roads of the megacity are closed, while the whole interior Sindh is open,” he said, and added, “Three days ago the prime minister had asked for the relaxation of the lockdown and the Sindh government had said they would make it further strict.”

However, Naqvi added, seeing decline in their popularity in masses, the Sindh rulers allowed bakers and factories to resume work. He said we will not allow the Sindh government to play on both sides of the wicket. He said we believe in telling the truth and continue to tell the truth. He said in Pakistan more employments can be created in agricultural and construction sectors.

However, talking on the occasion, PTI Central Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said that at this time we do not want to criticize the PPP government in Sindh and we have no differences with it. He said if the PPP takes one step forward, we are ready to take 20 steps. He said the PPP may criticize the federal government and we will not object on it. However, we want to tell them to avoid politics of fear and chaos in Sindh.

He said the chief minister Sindh claims that the growth ratio of coronavirus in Sindh is highest in the world. He said daily dozens of citizens are arrested on the pretext of lockdown and detained together in congested groups, which will further increase their chances of catching the virus.

He said doctors say that in hospital more dead bodies are brought than patients. He said the chief minister accepts that lung conditions of these dead bodies are same as the victims of coronavirus. He asked the chief minister to stop spreading this panic and fear.

Haleem Adil said that the Ehsaas programmeme is the biggest welfare programme in the history of Pakistan and it is above any politics. He said in just 9 days, more than Rs53billion have already been distributed under this programme amongst 4.4million families. He said in Sindh Rs8billion have been distributed amongst 1503000 families. He said this great job is done by the great Pakistani, Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said it is a shame that PPP leaders are displaying their pictures and posters on DC offices. He said Ehsaas programme funds are not given from the pockets of PPP, Zardari and Omni Group. He said the Sindh government had claimed to give ration to 2 million families, but would Saeed Ghani and Murtaza Wahab tell people, how many families have gotten this ration. He asked the bureaucracy of Sindh to stop being the political stooges of the PPP. He said we will visit every district and unveil the faces of politicized officers.

He said federal government has given more aid to Sindh than any other province. He said relief material has already been provided to all government hospitals of Sindh. He said after NFC Award and the 18th amendments provincial governments have more powers.

He said from the Rs12billion package of Sindh government Rs6billion belonged to the health department. He said linking coronavirus to religious people and Zaireen is wrong. He asked how this virus spread in Italy and Europe, certainly not through our religious people. He said Ulema and the government are on the same page. He said we appeal the citizens to follow the SOPs during the holy month of Ramazan. He said due to the prayers of people in the holy month we will defeat this virus.