This letter is not written in any political vein, just an expression of exasperation and lack of hope that all Pakistani politicians, be they in power or on opposition benches, have proven themselves to be equally inept and disappointing. They are so thoroughly drenched in corruption that their overnight transformation is an unrealistic hope. But there is the other agonizing fact then. The mistrust in this corrupt leadership is delaying the influx of relief funds into Pakistan both from the international donors and the expatriate Pakistanis alike. So well-known are the stories of their corruption, both at home and abroad, that donors of all kind are left totally perplexed. They want to reach out to flood victims post-haste but are not prepared to hand out their money to these infamous robbers that masquerade as 'leadership of the country. The reliable NGOs like the welfare wing of the otherwise bewildered (at least politically) Jamaat Islami , the Edhi Trust or Imran Khans charity network are some of the more palatable choices available to expatriate Pakistanis. Without the support of government, though, it is not easy to funnel funds to the right channels. What a dilemma -DR. MARYA AHMAD, Jeddah, August 17.