The black market of drugs in Hasanabdal has got a strong hold and the city police seem powerless in controlling the situation. Apparently, the business is now conducted on cell phones and the suppliers provide the drugs directly at the customer's residence. The public and social sector has appealed to the government to improve the situation. Due to the negligence and callousness of the Hasanabdal law enforcing authorities, bootlegging of the most dangerous and notorious drugs has become rampant in public areas, especially in the Union Councils 26 and 27 demoralizing the youth and putting their future on stake. It has been discovered that the contracts are made on the phone and the suppliers drop the desired amount right at the doors. On the other hand there has been no action against the aforementioned drug suppliers due to which the business is growing at a perturbing rate and even the young population is increasingly indulging in it. This has caused serious concerns to the parents about the future of their children.