LAHORE - The City District Governments Human Resource Management (HRM) Department has refused to give promotion to 16 officials working for different CDGs departments despite their seniority over the other out-of-turn promoted officials while taking plea that there were no vacant posts now, sources informed TheNation on Thursday. Earlier, the CDG granted out-of-turn promotion to 98 junior employees while superseding the said 16 employees recruited by the defunct Municipal Corporation Lahore (MCL). The 'deprived officials have unanimously decided to file a writ petition in the Lahore High Court against the unjust act of the HRM and the CDG higher authorities, the sources added. However, HRM District Officer Rana Abdul Shakoor while talking to this scribe maintained that the Department did not refuse promotion of the 16 senior officials, adding that they would be promoted soon when some internal matters are solved. Meanwhile, the sources added that District Coordination Officer Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta and HRM District Officer Rana Abdul Shakoor had assured the officials that they would be given promotion soon. They also submitted applications in the department concerned when they approached the DCO. In their applications, the officials appealed to the DCO to take up the matter personally and escalate the senior employees in accordance with the merit policy. They also submitted in their applications that they were serving in the CDG for the last 20 to 25 years and their promotions were due according to the CDG bylaws or under other rules and regulations, but they were ousted from the list of the employees deserving promotions. The DCO marked and referred the applications to the HRM DO asking him to deal with the matter seriously. But the DO backed out of his promise and ultimately refused promotion to these 16 officials while disobeying the DCO orders. The sources said that among those promoted, most of the officials were recruited just two or three years back while the senior naib qasids were awaiting their promotions for the past 20 years. The sources further said that among the deprived officials there were some who had done graduation, FA and matriculation. Of them, two employees were recruited in 2003, one in 2001, seven in 1991, seven in 1992, six in 1995, five 1995, four in 1998 while others were recruited in late 90s or early 2000. Muhammad Akhtar, an employee of CDG, said that he was recruited in 1979 as naib qasid in the then MCL and later he completed his graduation during his services but he was awaiting promotion for over a decade. He said that he was seniority-wise on number seven in the list prepared for the promotion. But unfortunately the authorities concerned promoted only the blue-eyed, he commented.