LAHORE - Representatives of the civil society in Pakistan have kicked in their support for the flood relief efforts in different parts of the country. Looking at the desperate situation the government is facing today, we realised that this gigantic task can only be tackled if everyone pitches in with whatever resources we have said Asif Farooki, Chairman Waste Busters, an environmental organisation primarily working in the field of sanitation. Waste Busters has organised two camps, one in Dera Ghazi Khan and the other in Charsadda. Each camp is housing 500 families consisting of 6-8 persons. Currently we are providing food ration including atta, ghee, daal, tea, sugar, milk and water for one month for each family plus a tent for their shelter. These are immediate steps to relieve some of the basic problems of hunger and shelter; however there is a need to look beyond the current catastrophe and see what is to be done for the rehabilitation of these millions of people. The sheer magnitude of this crisis is humbling when you actually go and see the situation on ground. People are comparing it to the earthquake in 2005 whereas the number of people affected by the floods is ten times more. Waste Busters is soliciting support from their network throughout the world, a special campaign has also been launched for the international community. HK gold HONG KONG (AFP) - Gold closed at 1,229.50-1,230.50 US dollars an ounce in Hong Kong on Thursday, up from Wednesdays close of $1,222.00-1,223.00. It opened at 1,228.00-1,229.00.