ISLAMABAD - GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has donated Rs11.3 million worth medicines to a number of organisations working in different regions and announced on Thursday, further contribution of 100,000 pounds for the flood relief efforts. GSK Pakistan has also donated necessary medical supplies to different organisations to address the healthcare needs of the flood victims. GSK spokesperson said that the GSKs initiative to donate even before the appeals started coming in from various NGOs was taken pro-actively by the company. GSK has donated much-needed antibiotics, analgaesics, skin ointments and anti-diarrhoeals to partner organizations which are leading the relief efforts in the various regions. GSK has partnered with the International Medical Corps (IMC); National Commission for Human Development (NCHD); Pakistans National Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Centre (HEPR) and Pakistan Medical Association. The medicines donated by GSK have supported medical camps set up by these organizations in the areas affected by the floods, benefiting thousands of flood victims. GSK has also donated 60,000 pounds to the World Food Programme (WFP) for support for flood victims; 15,000 pounds to the International Red Crescent (IRC) to support more than 2 million people with emergency relief, shelter, medical care and improved access to clean water and sanitation, and 25,000 pounds worth of medicines to provincial governments for the for people affected by the flood. GSK employees have also responded to support the victims of the calamity by making individual contributions in cash and kind, including one days salary for victims who lost everything to the floodwaters. A GSK spokesperson assured that, We will continue our assessment of healthcare needs across the affected regions and respond accordingly.