LAHORE (Online) - Justice Mamun-ur-Rashid Sheikh of Lahore High Court (LHC) while disposing of the application filed by PTCL management against their employees Lala Hanif, Rana Hassan and Malik Maqbool has directed PTCL employees not to take law into their hands otherwise the stern action will be initiated against them. The PTCL management through their counsel Naeem Bokhari had moved an application in LHC taking plea that CBA and other unions had launched a violent protest to press their demands. He contended that these elements are manhandling and harassing PTCL employees. Women workers are insulted and abusive language is used against them. At certain locations physical abuse has also been reported. Giving remarks Honorable Justice Mamun-ur-Rashid on the occasion asked the CBA and other unions that country was hit by the floods and if they would close down the exchanges, it would compound the problems of the people and they would face difficulties in making contacts among them. Those protesting employees had no sympathy with the people, he further remarked. During the protest neither work be suspended on any telephone exchange nor the public or companys property be damaged, he ordered. Moreover all the executives and other workers coming to perform duty should not be blocked nor harassed and the employees including female staff members be dealt with dignity. On the occasion, Malik Maqbool and Rana Hassan gave the undertaking to the court in writing to the effect that neither work would be suspended on any telephone exchange nor the public or companys property be damaged. Union would not block the executives and other workers forcibly from performing their duties and all the workers including women workers would not be harassed, they further assured.