The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) on Thursday reaffirmed the readiness of its members to intensify efforts to assist Pakistan, as the Southern Asian nation continues to be ravaged by flooding. Egyptian Minister Plenipotentiary Hatem Tag Eldin, made the statement on behalf of NAM at a plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly, aimed at strengthening the coordination of humanitarian aid to Pakistan. "NAM is ready to join hands with the international community in preparing for this disaster of still unforeseen consequences by taking concerted and expeditious actions to avert the expected aggravation of the current situation in Pakistan," he said. Meanwhile, persistent rainfall continue to devastate local infrastructure and Pakistan's agricultural sector. According to the UN estimates, over 3.2 million hectares of standing crops, representing 16 percent of the total cultivable area, have been damaged. The long-term impact of the floods remain to be seen, noted Power. "In particular in the agricultural sector where the loss of stored planting seeds and destruction of standing crops and irrigation systems is likely to lead to severe food shortages in the near future," he added. Last week, the UN issued a 460-million-U.S.-dollar appeal for relief efforts. "Now is the time to deliver on the commitments the international community has made to provide predictable emergency relief assistance and aid for the short and long-term to overcome the effects of this disaster," said Power.